Monday, January 14, 2008

DailyMotion Offering New Video Advertising Methods

Dailymotion, one of the many YouTube-like embedded video websites, and one of the leaders of the pack in the second tier, announced today a number of video advertising options made available in addition to the companies existing ad formats.

Toaster Ads are the first of the three new formats. This particular format gives advertisers the the ability to inject an animated flash mini-commercial overlay into Dailymotion’s library of professional videos, similar to the popup advertisements on YouTube’s player.

They also introduced Home Theater ads, which are explained as being essentially a skin for the player that is hotlinked to the desired site of the advertiser. Finally, they now offer something called the ‘companion logo’ ad, which essentially creates a 3D logo that appears in the left corner for 10 seconds at the beginning of the video. Clicks to the logo will open in a new window, or they can be ignored.

None of the advertisements have been demonstrated or shown examples of yet, and they don’t sound particularly groundbreaking. They do, however, offer some easy ways to monetize embedded video that can more easily take advantage of existing advertising channels on the net, and are ad types that those currently involved in internet advertising can easily wrap their heads around.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

YoName - search for anyone on the major social networks

OK. Let's say you're at the club and you're flirting with this total stud (and he is way out of your league, by the way), and, boom, you score digits. The problem is, genius, that the next day they're still in the pocket when you toss your jeans in the wash. You remember his name, but he's not in the book. I mean, who even uses the book anymore except to order pizza? Exactly. So now what do you do? yoName!

Or let's say you and all your friends were gonna totally hang out after graduation and here it is, two years later, and everyone's either away at college or too busy and you have to pull out the yearbook to even remember your best friend's nickname. How are you going to track everybody down and get the old crew back together? yoName!

yoName turns your computer into a private detective. Look for anyone you want. You can even look them up by a username or an email address! If they're on any of the big-time networks like MySpace or Facebook, yoName will find them. Look up friends, family, ex-es. Look up yourself and see if someone's impersonating you. Or just have fun and look up celebrities, even if the first five entries for Paris Hilton are all "male, 39, single, in Madison, Wisconsin".

So check it out. Here's how yoName works. It's really complicated, so you might want to write this down. You ready? Okay, here we go:

1) Type in a name (or if you want to get real advanced, an email address).

Done. Tah-dah. That's it. Now you'll get all of the matches to that name on network sites from all over the web with just one search!

MySpace? Check.
Friendster? Check.
Facebook? Xanga? Check and check.

Now get out there and track down your peeps!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ShutterSeek - social network for photographers

ShutterSeek is a free, community-driven photography news service that allows photographers and artists to post and rate news, events and products from the photography world. Put simply, you decide what is important and what isn't. With RSS and Atom feeds of the four major categories (Articles, Product reviews, Events and Blog Feeds) and of any Tag, you can subscribe to only the things that interest you.
How does it work?

Anyone can sign up to be a member (it's just five fields, three if you consider two of them are confirmations), which allows you to post links to news, product reviews or events, as well as rate and comment on posts. Once you've added a post, the community can rate the post. If enough people find the post helpful or enjoyable, it will get promoted to the front page of the site, where more people can see and rate the post.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Web Startup Lies and the Liars' Tricks of Trade

"Bloggers tell lies when they review startups? No, no - they just stretch the truth a little. OK, a lot. Inspired in part by Paul Kedrosky’s Top Ten VC Lies, I whipped up 10 semi-truths that we tend to use on Mashable for the sake of brevity, hyperbole or just plain laziness." We all read these reviews with a grain of salt but maybe we need a ton.

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Friday, April 20, 2007


Vertagio is a new site that has just launched it’s beta version this week.

With Vertagio you can create a personal profile space and customize it with MySpace and other CSS compatible layouts, much like Zooped. Otherwise, all the basic social networking functions are included in Vertagio. You can add videos and widgets to your About Me section, and they’ve taken cue from Friendster by making every word in this section a link, for the purpose of finding more users that have used the same tag word. They also offer the option of saving users’ profiles as a bookmark, for easy access at a later time.

While you can customize your profile page, it doesn’t look like you can customize your blog page, though they smartly give some good search options for perusing an individual blog। Hopefully users won’t be too slowed down by the fact that their verification email takes some time to be sent, and passive interaction with the site is rather limited. I don’t see any ads on the site, so we’ll have to wait and see what their business model is, and how they plan on differentiating themselves from MySpace, as they’ve told us that they plan on offering new technological advances that have never before been seen within social networks.